Session 1: Prologue - Chapter 5 (Stop before page 65)
Due: November 19, 2009

This week I chose the recipe maker.

To Hussein and Baksheesh,

Here is a recipe for more successful illegal ancient artifact digging in the desert.

⅔ Cups of patience.
⅞ Cups of confidence.
4 Gallons of shovels.

5 Tablespoons of sneakiness.
6 Liters of focus.
⅝ Teaspoons of water (for hydration).
A pinch of greed.

Prep: Get medium bowl that you found tomb raiding last Saturday, King Tut’s golden whisk, at least 7 big vials, the stone tablet that you found for breaking up clumps of focus(stone tablet can be replaced by an any day rock), a small bowl, and some dental floss. Preheat oven to 360 degrees Celsius on med high.

Directions: Pour water, patience, and confidence into your small bowl. Whisk until completely blended. Mash up the focus until it’s a powder. Add your focus into the small bowl. Put in oven and bake for 35 min. Put into large bowl and scrape out any mix that stayed in the bowl. Add shovels slowly and carefully for your own safety. Add greed b
ut be carefull (careful is one word)
you might be tempted to eat it. Add focus. Pour into vials. It is extremely important to add the focus last because you’ll need focus to finish the potion. It tastes really bad, and some shovels can get stuck in your teeth.

Very creative. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 2: Chapters 6 - 10 (Stop before page 129)
Due: November 26, 2009

This week I chose the Hieroglphic Handler
(Jacob, I helped you out with your hieroglyphs. Did you ask Jereme and Brad, as I instructed you to? Before leaving a journal entry, do not check out until you are sure that everything is posted correctly. You had your entry posted and reposted twice. Each hieroglyph needed to be saved and uploaded to this wiki page. You could not copy and paste.)-- 11/ 29

p.gif l.gif a.gif n.gifi.gif
I chose PLANE because it relates to the wish that the Barstools made to be back in Poughkeepsie. I think it was important to the story because it made John and Philippa realize that something was up. If that also wouldn’t have happened they might have not believed Nimrod when he told them they were djinn,
because Mrs. Trump winning the lottery could have been a coincidence. After thinking he was crazy, they could have just left. The story would have taken a weird turn there. It could have been the end of the story (incomplete could have been the end of the story when...)

I chose Artifact because Nimrod has a lot of artifacts in his houses. I’m not 100% sure what their
affect will be in the story. The only clue I have is when Hussein and Baksheesh dug up an artifact. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that they will affect the story somehow at sometime.

c.gif a.gifr.gif
I chose car because of how many cars are already involved in the story. That was important to the story because of when they were being followed by a black Mercedes. The Ifrit were probably in the car too. Unless Nimrod is crazy (comma here) the Ifrit are bad. It’s also were they met Creemy. I think he will play a medium part in the story. I don’t know what kind of role he will play but I’m 78% sure he will play a role at least.
p.gifi.gif g.gif
I chose PEG because that’s what Mr. Groanin used to drive. I think at some point in the story he will come back to pick Nimrod, John, and Philippa up with his peg. I think he will when they will get chased by the Ifrit again.
He will save the day and let good keep on fighting (I assume) That’s how they will get saved and come back at the end and win.

QUESTION: Do you think it was a good choice for them to not completely ditch the Ifrit at the start? Why?

Session 3: Chapters 11 - 14 (Stop before page 186)
Due: December 3, 2009

This week I choose the GOLD Digger.
G- I think a great idea in the chapters that we read this section is the how the djinn came to be. I think it is a good idea because I think anyone who is reading this book would wonder,” Hmmmmmm I wonder where the djinn came from.” I also think John and Philippa would have been wondering that too. It gave John and Philippa some info on there ancestors and I think it will definitely affect the story at some point. That’s why I think it was an important part of the section that we read. Chapter 12 Pg 148.
O- I think an open, honest statement is when Nimrod said, “Hussein knows I'm a djinn,of course." It's an honest statment because the kids might have actually thought that he didn't know. Pg. 171
L- I think a lousy paragraph in the story is, “How does it work?" asked John, forking a slice of cold ham and some pickles onto his plate. “Djinn power? I mean there must be a scientific explanation for it.”
I think it should go like this,
“How does Djinn power work,"asked John, forking a slice of ham and some pickles onto his plate. “There must be a scientific explanation for it."I think it was poorly worded because “Djinn power?” isn’t a sentence. Even Microsoft word says it’s a fragment. I’m not sure if P.B.Kerr worded it that way on purpose or not. Pg.163
D- A word I don’t know is diplomatic. Well I think it has something to do in the government. –adjective Pg.165

of, pertaining to, or engaged in diplomacy: diplomatic officials.

skilled in dealing with sensitive matters or people; tactful.

of or pertaining to diplomatics
(You are supposed to look up the word in a dictionary and share the meaning here. You also need to include page numbers for each letter of GOLD. )
Question: Do you like the plot of the story so far? Why?
Good work. Please, be sure to read the instructions for the journal role carefully, so your entry is complete. – Mrs. Dweck on 11/129 '

12/8: Good work. Thank you for being a diligent student and making corrections. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 4: Chapters 15 - 18 (Stop before page 254)
Due: December 10, 2009

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This week I chose the Rough Rottweiler.

This week I will verbally attack Iblis. The three things that he did that are bad are…. 1. Threatening Hussein by killing his dog and poisoning his son to capture and bury Nimrod. 2. Putting a seal on the door with a scorpion inside it. 3. Trying to upset the balance of djinn. I think threatening Hussein by killing his dog and poisoning his son to capture and bury Nimrod is just plain wrong because you just killed a living thing with POISON, toxic liquid. What would your mama say? It you do that you’re either very evil or crazy. Putting a living seal on a door does make sense. (To keep others out) But again you are going to KILL someone who tries to save him if they are not experienced. Trying to upset the balance of djinn is just simply MASSAVE chaos. I wonder why you would even want to. Do you want to die from a war between good and evil (question mark here) I don’t think so.

A good punishment for poisoning animals is, poisoning of him ( Change to “him.”) You are changing now from speaking to the audience about him (Iblis) to speaking directly to him. This becomes confusing. (a.k.a DEATH) It’s a taste of his own medicine. For putting a scorpion on a door covered in wax his punishment will be being dropped into a pit of scorpions and sealing the entrance with magical wax to keep him from escaping. Guess what, more death. For upsetting the balance of djinn he deserves a slap in the face. Or even better, a sludge hammer to the hip. I think after dying he will understand what he did wrong. If not, he goes into a deeper pit (delete “of”) down bellow -- remember to type using spell check first.

Question: If you were sealing Iblis in a chamber what animal would you seal it with? Why? Hmmm…… good question.

You have doled out some creatively evil punishments. I will remember to stay on your good side. : ) -- Mrs. D.

On 12/7: Jacob, there are still a few things you need to correct in your last entry (missing page numbers) or you entry is incomplete. I see you went back and corrected some of your missing information. Thank you. -- Mrs. Dweck

On 12/8: Thank you for making the previous session's corrections.

Session 5: Chapters 19 - 23 (Stop before page 322)
Due: December 17, 2009

This week I wonder what I’m going to chose. Hmmmmm… How about the wonderer.

What if the scepter wasn’t in London?
It could have
wacked (This is not appropriate language for a school essay) out the whole section. It could have been in New York and they could have went home. Then there mom could have came (come) with them and NImrod might have not been trapped or bitten. Then they could all escape before the security guards come (came). The ending could be more peacefull then it probobly is.

What if Groanin didn’t put them inside the Coca- Cola bottle® under the “unnamed mummy”
Well first of all if he didn't put them inside a Coke bottle and
like an alcoholic drink (incomplete sentence). He might have been arrested because you don't see a man walking dow the street with one arm carying a brany or beer bottle every day. They might think he could have been drunk. If he didn't put him under the "unnamed mummy" it might have not awakined Akhenaten from his casing. It could have awakined a different mummy.

I wonder how Iblis felt when he was
controling a girl.
I would think it would have been odd thinking for a girl. He would have to not think like a boy. Trust me I COULDN'T DO IT. By the way I also mean that girls couldn't think like a boy. Either way it would have been hard.

I wonder what would happen if there were 71 djinn trapped inside the scepter.

Would it have upset the balance of djinn (add question mark). The other one could have had his fingers crossed and really have been an evil djinn. It could have encouraged the other ones to cross there fingers and then they could turn on them. Then there would probobly be a sad ending. :(

Reread the journal role description for the wonderer: You must explain what you think these wonderings may mean...
Jacob, you have some terrific wonderings...however, as I've mentioned to "wonderers" who came before you, you need to pick a few things that you truly do wonder about and then explain what you think about these things. For example: I wonder what would have happened if Iblis hadn't eaten the mouse. Would Iblis have been able to carry the on the deception long enough to carry out his plan of capturing the 70 lost djinn? Perhaps he would have lulled John and Philippa into believing he was actually Mrs. Coer de Lapin. Gaining their trust, he may have been able to convert them to become evil djinn...etc. -- Mrs. Dweck

QUESTION: If you were a djinn, what kind of bottle or lamp would you want to be in? Why? I would personally want to be inside an oil lamp for the structure.

Session 6 Chapters 24 - 26 (Stop at The End!)
Due: December 24, 2009
Wow! That book went quick. Anyway the final journal role that I will post on the wiki will be the passage picker.

The passage I pick is on page 349. The first word is “The”, and the last word is “year”. It’s about the Astaragali tourney and stuff. I chose it because I think that might be the opening chapter or two in the new book. I think they will both be in the final three with them and Iblis’s nephew or niece. They will break out in a fight and them something will happen with the “Blue Djinn of Babylon”. Then they'll be hated and have to get his trust by something. It could possibly
retreviing something. Any way I'm reading it.

I like how P.B.K used terms that sounded real. Example: …United States Open Astaragali Tournament…There might actually be a real game called astaragali, with a tourey. I wonder if Chicago is really rumored the unluckiest city in America. I mean from the leaping of the Chicago Fire and stuff. Exept the 80's Chicago Bears. W
hat about Nashville, In country songs you always lose something…( Like an Asraragali tournament) So overall it should be a hint/important passage to/for the new book, with some awesome stuff in it. (You have not met the sentence minimum in this paragraph...And etc, etc, etc, --does not count as a sentence-- Mrs. Dweck) Please make all final corrections before 7:00 pm Wednesday evening for your final journal grade.

As we reviewed in class, I am posting your final journal grade now. Remember that all final corrections were to be made before 7:00 pm the night before our session. Please, see the wiki message I sent you for your final journal grade. -- Mrs. Dweck 12/22

Question: What passage do YOU think gives the most clue/s to the next book.Why?