Session 1: Prologue - Chapter 5 (Stop before page 65)
Due: November 19, 2009


This week I have chosen the wonderer. I wonder why John and Philippa are twins, but they look nothing like each other.
Is this a coincidence, or is there a reason for this? I wonder why the twins' wisdom teeth grew in so soon. Does "wisdom" have something to do with it? I wonder why John's zits disappeared after the surgery. Is this just a coincidence? I wonder why the twins both grew taller after the surgery.

What if the twins' "dream" wasn't a dream? Were they teleported to a faraway place during the surgery? What if the twins being "lucky" (as their uncle Nimrod said) has something to do with Mrs.Trump winning the lotto? What if the twins make other lucky things happen? What if Nimrod wants the twins to go to London so he can teach them how to use their lucky powers? What if Nimrod has luck powers? All will be revealed. Will it?

Hey, Jacob. Hmmmm....your entry made me wonder. : ) -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 2: Chapters 6 - 10 (Stop before page 129)
Due: November 26, 2009
I will now use my powers of prognostication...

I predict that when John and Philippa wake up, there will be another type of message. This message will probably be sent from the Ifrit, or another evil genie tribe. The evil tribe will send this message because they will want to frighten the children into leaving Cairo. The evil tribe will also stalk the group, considering that they already have. As a matter of fact, I am sensing a disturbance in the force...good gravy! The evil genie tribe has followed the group to Nimrod's home! They will ambush the group in the morning. They will do this because they do not want the twins to train with Nimrod. They think that if the twins' powers become to strong, they will defeat the evil genie tribes.

I will now predict the actions of the group. After noticing the new message (whatever it is) the twins will tell Nimrod about their find. Nimrod will suspect that it is a message from the Ifrit, or another evil genie tribe. Shortly after, Creemy will inform Nimrod about the black Mercedes parked in front of the home. The doors of the car will open, and four evil genies will step out. They will try to destroy the group with their powers. Nimrod will try to fight back, and while the evil genies are distracted, he will tell Creemy to take the twins to a safe place. And what will happen to Nimrod? I don't know, it's not like I'm a fortune teller or anything.

I predict that P.B. Kerr will really enjoy your entry. I know I did. Terrifically creative and fun. -- Mrs. Dweck
Why do you think Nimrod's servant in London is named Mr.Groanin? What makes you think this?

Session 3: Chapters 11 - 14 (Stop before page 186)
Due: December 3, 2009

Julia's Tuchemeter

Surprisingly, I have chosen Julia's Tuchemeter this week. Let's start with the good luck. Something good that happened was how the twins did with their rock training. Even though they didn't exactly make the rocks disappear, it was still lucky to affect them in some way. They were trying for the first time. Another lucky thing was the twins' transformation into camels. This is lucky because they seemed to enjoy it very much. It was also lucky that Huamai provided them with Air d'Onajeestringh to get rid of their camel sent. I don't think either of the twins wanted to be walking around smelling like camels. Finding Baksheesh in his feverish state was lucky, too. That's right. If they didn't know about his condition, how would they be able to help him?

Now for the BAD luck. DUN, DUN, DUUUUN! Dun. Something bad was what the twins did with their Picnic-Appear practice. The first time they tried, Philippa's cucumber sandwich tasted disgusting and John's hotdog had no taste at all. (It tasted like rubber, to be exact.) The affects of being a camel were unlucky, also. Belching every time the twins tried to speak wasn't exactly the best thing. (Not to mention the camel scent.) The last unlucky thing is Baksheesh's condition. If I were him, I wouldn't want two puncture wounds in my foot.

The luck that was homeostasis was Mr. R's visit in the desert. His company was good, but he scared the livin' daylights out of the twins when he came out of the lamp. (
I respectfully, disagree. I think Mr. R's appearance in the desert was good luck for the twins. They learned a lot about being djinn and focus words...however, that's just my humble opinion.)

Very good entry. I like the way you keep the humor and the content well balanced. Good job. -- Mrs. Dweck

What do you think Hussain's three wishes will be?

Session 4: Chapters 15 - 18 (Stop before page 254)
Due: December 9, 2009


(John's Journal)
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July 7, 2008

Dear Mr. Journal,
Today Uncle Nimrod went to look for Akhenaten's tomb with Hussein Hussaout. He's been gone for quite a while. Philippa and I are starting to get worried.

"Philippa, I'm starting to get worried. Maybe we should tell Mr. Groanin that Uncle Nimrod hasn't gotten back yet."

Philippa and I told Mr. Groanin about our dilemma. At the time, he was eating baby food. He seemed to like it very much. Anyway, at first he didn't seem to care that Uncle Nimrod was missing. Then we told him about Hussein Hussaout and the lost genies of Akenaten. He said that this was "djinn business". We then went into the drawing room to find Mr. Rakshasas. He said that we better go find Uncle Nimrod.

July 7, 2008

Dear Mr. Journal,
We needed a way to get out into the desert, because Uncle Nimrod, of course, had his white Cadillac with him. Mr. Groanin wanted to hire a driver. I thought that would take too long. I told Mr. R it would be easier to make a car using
genie power. He agreed with my idea. We held hands with Mr. R so that we could focus our power. And...POOF! We had a Ferrari. Well...almost. First of all, it was pink. Cars are never pink! The second thing I noticed were the wheels. They were the wheels of a Range Rover. Philippa and I definitely learned that we should focus only on our goal and not let our minds wander when using genie power.

P.S: I hope Uncle Nimrod, Mr. R, or Philippa don't see my journal. This is because they would be very angry to see that I used the word "genie" several times.-- Ohhhhh. Now I get it. Very clever and funny young, master. Disregard my "genie" corrections noted above. : ) – Mrs. Dweck

Session 5: Chapters 19 - 23 (Stop before page 322)
Due: December 17, 2009

Character Critique

A character that needs an attitude adjustment is Akhenaten. (Well, his ghost. Same thing, right?) First of all, he shouldn't have have bound 70 djinn to his service. Even though they worshiped him, in the end they didn't exactly like him very much. He should have bound about five, ten being the maximum. He also shouldn't have kept them all in such a small space. If I were a three-thousand-year-old Egyptian priest, I wouldn't want to be inside a very cramped space at the top of a scepter with 70 other djinn. They should have been kept in a three-foot tall vase. (Three feet wide too, of course. And with a lid.)

Akenaten wasn't exactly very kind to Nimrod, either. He shouldn't have made "Babi" bite Nimrod in the leg with its huge fangs. And with Nimrod's screaming, it was obvious he was hurt. Akenaten should have pricked Nimrod's finger (or something like that) to get his blood. He also shouldn't have bound Nimrod to his service and then put him in a jar. Does Akenaten really need 71 djinn? As a punishment, Akenaten should be put in the smallest bottle in existance and then kept in a vat a liquid nitrogen for the rest of eternity.

What do you think is going on inside the jar containing Nimrod and Akenaten? Why?

Session 6 Chapters 24 - 26 (Stop at The End!)
Due: December 24, 2393

In dedication to the last chapters of the book, this week I have chosen the poet

Akhenaten is defeated by children, how degrading
Kept in a canopic jar, made in Portland
Hurled into the Arctic Ocean, how chilly
ternally frozen, now an Akhenaten ice cube
ever to be seen again, thank goodness
ll his djinn are free in Egypt, what a loss
o his rein an end has come, good luck is restored
ntertwined is his fate to that of penguins, much deserved punishment
o one really feels that sorry! (What, too harsh?)

Nimrod is freed from the jar, what a relief
nside it Akhenaten remains, that's too bad
any thanks he gives to the twins, a very grateful uncle
akshasas looks like Santy Claus, ho, ho, ho!
rdinary picnic saved them all, very delicious
jinn uncle is great to have, by Jove!

Quite creative. I love it. Just add a bit more detail to each line, as that is part of this journal role. Otherwise, this is a unique and entertaining entry. -- Mrs Dweck
12/22: Very good. I sent you your journal grade via wiki message. -- Mrs Dweck