Session 1: Prologue - Chapter 5 (Stop before page 65)
Due: November 16, 2009

There was an earthquake
John's mirror did break
and Philippa have wisdom teeth
they get them out when they're underneath
Ketamine, then they have a dream
The meet Uncle Nimrod it may seem
He tells them to meet him
In London, a place not so grim
They look up a guy
The computer says he's a genii
Phillipa says he could be a bad guy
it's a plural form
for genius John did inform
They ask their mom
She said it sounds like a bomb (what does this mean) It's a slang term meaning sounds fun or enjoyable -Jacob L.
They can't wait
Their trip will be great

Mrs. Dweck writes on 11/16: Your poem needs more work. You need to write each line in greater detail. -- Mrs. Dweck
Mrs. Dweck on 12/20: This poem still have not met the journal role guideline for "detailed" lines. To do this, you could add thoughts, feelings, and figurative language. Otherwise it is similar to an essay. Poems make people "feel." You must inject the words that will create emotion in your reader.

Session 2: Chapters 6 - 10 (Stop before page 129)
Due: November 23, 2009
“Figure” Skater --
An alliteration I would make for these passages is: Nimrod Knows Nutty Needed Knowledge ( They all make the N sound even though it doesn't begin with an N.)
He knows information that would make him sound nutty if he were to say it in public, but they do need to know it. Without Uncle Nimrods information, they wouldn't be able to control their powers. That would stink. I'm glad they didn't go to the Alembic House. That would surely be bad.
A simile I would make for these passages is: The twins are as clever as the gifted students.
They realized that something was going on after they lost their Wisdom Teeth and when they granted 2 wishes. I would probably notice that also and I'm a gifted student. I don't know why they didn't connect the people wishing in front of them and then their wishes coming true. I thought they were more clever than that.
A metaphor I would make for these passages is: The pyramids would make my day as bright as the 1001 Arabian Nights in a dark room. Since it glowed when he read it. It would be fun to see the pyramids, so it would light up my day. I would love for my books to light up, because it's hard to sneak-read my book under my comforter without a flashlight.
A personification I would make for these passages is: The book seemed to turn on a flashlight by its pages when it got dark. How about the book seemed to stretch its fingers, switching on a light, as the pages opened.
I know, but turning on a light is something a book can't do. --Jacob L. Exactly!!! That's a human ability. You personify an object by giving it human qualities or abilities. For example: The sun's rays tickled my neck with its golden fingers. -- Mrs. Dweck
When John tried reading it in a dark room it lit up and he could still read it. It was like a flashlight was shining on its pages. It was easier for him to read then. I really like this book and can't wait to read more.
On 11/28 Mrs. Dweck writes: Much better. Remember the difference between "their" (possessive) and "they're" (contraction for "they are"), and its (possession) and it's (contraction for "it is.")
On 11/19 Mrs. Dweck writes: Jacob you need two well written paragraphs that contain your figurative language or your entry is incomplete. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 3: Chapters 11 - 14 (Stop before page 186)
Due: November 30, 2009

external image moz-screenshot-5.pngJulia's Tuchemeter

In these passages a lot happened. Some things good; and some things bad happened in these chapters. One of the good things is that Phillipa rubbed the lamp. If she didn't, they would never have been initiated into being a djinn. Another good thing was that asked where Uncle Nimrod was when Mr. R said he had special business. If they didn't they wouldn't know who Iblis was. One last good thing was that John and Philippa listened in on Uncle Nimrod's conversation with the Curio dealer. If they hadn't they wouldn't have known were Iblis was last spotted.

A homeostasis thing that happened was when John and Philippa went upstairs and didn't chicken out. If they chickened out they would have never seen the boy who is Hussein Hussaout's son Baksheesh, but they wouldn't be suspicious of bad things. Another homeostasis thing that happened was that they found the boy upstairs. If they didn't find the boy they would have never suspected Hussein Hussaout was under the control of the Ifrit, but they wouldn't be a little scared.

One bad thing was they didn't get help, because if they did, the boy might have gotten better. Another bad thing was Uncle Nimrod didn't believe in the twins’ theory about Baksheesh. That he was imprisoned by Hussein under demand of the ifrit. If he believed their theory he could go take down Hussein Hussaout and the Ifrit. That would be a great epic part.

On 12/5: Mrs. Dweck writes: There are still a few one correction needed. See above. Thank you for making the other suggested corrections!

Excellent work, Jacob. I can tell that you are really trying to give it your all. There are a few places where you need to specify who the “they” are that you mention. Although you know that you are referring to the twins, the reader may not. The same goes for other things you mention that you need to specify in greater detail, so the readers understands your line of thinking. Thank you.

Session 4: Chapters 15 - 18 (Stop be fore page 254)

Due: December 7, 2009
What if Iblis doesn't fall for they're trap? They would all die and the world would end!!!!!!!!!!!!! What if Groanin didn't agree to use his third wish? Then Nimrod would have died in the lamp. What if the living lock bit John? He would probably die. What if it bit Phillipa? She would probably die. Would either of them live? Probably not. What if they touched the living lock? They would be bound.Would Mr. R save them? He hopefully would unless he is secretly working for the Ifrit. What if Iblis hadn't killed Hussein?
Hussein would probably tell Nimrod and then run. What if he sent Hussein to kill Nimrod, John, Phillipa, Mr. R, Groanin, and Creemy? They would probably kill Hussein first.

I wonder why Iblis let the dog die? He is heartless. Why didn't he have Hussein beg for the dog and Baksheesh live? Because he is heartless. Why didn't Iblis have the "foot licker" suck all Baksheesh's blood after Nimrod escaped? Because he is not that heartless. Do you think Iblis will fall for the trap? I don't know. He may sense John and Phillipa's aura or he might think Nimrod wouldn't be dumb enough to spread it at an Ifrit hang out. But the most IMPORTANT. DO YOU LIKE THE BOOK SO FAR?????????????? That's for you to find out and me to listen to.

Very good "wonderings," my boy. Keep up the good work. The one thing that could improve your entry is to choose fewer things to wonder about, but follow up on them in greater detail. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 5: Chapters 19 - 23 (Stop before page 322)
Due: December 14, 2009
Plot twister
I wouldn't hide Akhenaten's name. I would have it say " Unknown Pharaoh" From 18th Dynasty. They would probably find out it's Akehnaten and let him free in ghost form to settle it once and for all. That would make it so Nimrod isn't trapped. Instead let's have the lamp break and as they try and trap Akhenaten he grabs Phillipa. They then get sent into the lamp except their brains are switched and they have to switch them back before it becomes permanent. They would have to work together. They then
decide to work together and put aside their differences.

They then go on an epic journey to find the stuff that would change them back. It then forms a bond between Akhenaten and Phillipa. They then work together to get the Good and Bad djinn to work together. All but one tribe, the Ifrit agree. Iblis than escapes and starts his own secret association and they go home to think of ideas. They think for a while and decide to consult with Akhenaten. Finally they come up with an idea and stop him he runs away in the end.

Jacob, I did not approve this role yet. I am not sure I understand it. We need to discuss it in class first. If you have an idea for a new role, I would prefer you share it with me a few days before your entry is due, so we can work it out together. You also have not met the journal minimum requirement of, at least, 8 sentences per paragraph. -- Mrs. Dweck on 12/13

On 12/20: Jacob, this journal entry does not follow the description for "Conley's Concealer." Please, reread it below....
If you could wish to conceal 3 bits of information (as in 3 wishes) from this week's reading assignment, what would they be? Identify 3 important bits of information and who you would like to conceal this information from. Then explain how each bit of concealed information might affect or change the story. Be sure to follow the journal guidelines and include two well developed paragraphs.

Later on 12/20: Okay, now you have chosen your role, in order to suit your entry. This is clever, but not the way a journal entry should be completed.

Session 6 Chapters 24 - 26 (Stop at The End!)
Due: December 21, 2009

(Which journal role have you chosen? You must choose from the literature role choices. Your last entry was not one of the choices either.)
Go, Go, Go John. Oh sorry I was off partying there. I was just thinking how smart it was of John to think of using the cold slow down Akhenaten. That guy has some serious noodle. Then again without Nimrod John would have never known that a frozen djinn is a slow djinn. I guess we should also thank Iblis. It was a chain reaction: Nimrod froze Iblis, Akhenaten bound Nimrod, and John froze Akehnaten. I'm glad their guide didn't ask too many questions when they canceled the trip to the North Pole. If he did they might have never saved Nimrod. What if Akehnaten hurt Nimrod? Eeeeeeh that would not be good. Not at all.

It was extremely tense when the polar bear came. Don't you all agree? That would have been scary if Akhenaten had melted. They would be bound in a minute. I wonder what would happen if Akhenaten did bind them. I hope Mr. Rakashash would have saved them. For some reason I think Groanin is a little suspicious especially when P.B. Kerr said that he didn't stop to look at the mummies in the last chapters. Will Groanin betray them now that he is free? Or is he just staying to slip information to the Ifrit? As the owl in the Tootsie Pop commercial says: "The world may never know" (or at least our gifted class).

Ta Ta for now,
Jacob L.
12/20 From Mrs. Dweck: Make the suggested corrections. Watch out for filler or fluff sentences that do not count towards your sentence minimum. You have met the minimum in this entry; however, you CAN go above and beyond the minimum. Try to keep paragraphs cohesive. Stay on one thought or idea throughout a paragraph. I will check back before giving you your final journal grade. This will be based on a review of all of your entries.