Session 1: Prologue - Chapter 5 (Stop before page 65)
Due: November 16, 2009
external image c.gifexternal image a.gifexternal image s.gifexternal image h.gif-cash; It reminds me of the money Mrs. Trump won from the lottery. I wish I had won, I could spend 33 million dollars on a lot. How do you think Mrs. Trump's trip will be? Will she meet the kids?
external image e.gifexternal image u.gifexternal image r.gifexternal image o.gifexternal image p.gifexternal image e.gif-Europe; That's where Uncle Nimrod tells them to go (London exactly). They ask their parent s and then get on their way. What do you think Uncle Nimrod's house is like?
external image d.gifexternal image o.gifexternal image g.gif-dog; It reminds me of Winston and Elvis. Their old names were Alan and Neil, which meant "champion" and handsome. What does your name mean?
external image g.gifexternal image e.gifexternal image n.gifexternal image i.gifexternal image i.gif-genii; The Alembic House is for genii, (the plural of genius) but could it also mean mythological genii? Think about it.
external image t.gifexternal image v.gif-TV; Winston and Elvis (formerly known as Alan and Neil) can change the TV channels by themselves (P.S., my dog can slap a cup. How do you like that Elvis?!). I've never found a dog that can do that. How do you hink they know?

Mrs. Dweck writes on 11/16: I like what you have done so far, but you need to follow up each connection in greater detail.
Session 2: Chapters 6 - 10 (Stop before page 129)
Due: November 23, 2009

Conley, you need to make corrections from last week, before I will begin reviewing this week. Your journal entries need to reflect the week's reading assignment. A recipe should be written with a list of ingredients and then directions for how to make it. Be creative, but it should include "ingredients" from the week's reading assignment. You might explain why your recipe calls for certain ingredients. Don't rush. Take time on your journal assignments. -- Mrs. Dweck
Here's a recipe for my perfect lamp.

Perfect Lamp
ingredients: blue glass windows, 1 plasma screen TV, wooden TV stand, blue couch, lamp (with flourescent lightbulb), Wii (games include MySims Agents, Madden 10, Fifa 10, Mario Kart, and Rock Band), desk, a laptop + cellphone, cellphone charger, a bookshelf (books include Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Last Olympian, Year of the Hangman, Bagdad Rules, A Thousand and One Nights, and Superfudge), 3 canvases complete with art supplies, coffee-table, 5 Lego bins + 2 minifigure-maker kits, a puppy, crate, food+water bowl, a mini-fridge (complete with sausage, eggs, broccoli, chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, pizza, grilled cheese, and peaches), a keyboard/piano (with music sheets), and an anti-Ifrit security system.
Directions (conjure it up):

1. Place the blue glass windows around the room, so you can get some awesome blue shadows.
2. Place the plasma screen TV on the wooden TV stand, with the blue couch exactly 7 feet from the TV, so that you're close to the TV, but not too close. Also, get the Djinn Channel in HD.
3. Put the lamp in the corner, next to the couch (the lightbulb is a flourescent one, so it's enviromentally friendly), now you have good lighting.
4. The Wii should get plugged into the TV, and placed next to it, and the games should go in the TV stand so you can take the games in and out with ease.
5. The desk will be put 4 feet behind the couch, and the computer will be put on it. The cell phone should be put with its charger by the laptop, so you can charge easily.
6. A bookshelf will be by the canvases, with a special case for the Bagdad Rules.
7. Canvases go opposite of the desk, with art supplies in the coffee-table (coming up shortly) so you can organize them.
8. A coffee-table will be in front of the couch, so you can set stuff on it.
9. 5 Lego bins and the minifigure maker kits are supposed to be in the coffee-table, so (like the art supplies) they can be organized.
10. The puppy and its crate and bowl will be placed by the computer, because then you can watch it (unless it's your sibling you turned into a dog, like Alan and Neil).
11. The mini-fridge can be beside the TV so you can grab a snack and watch a show.
12. The piano and music can be 5 feet to the left of the TV. Play the Snake Charmer.
13. The anti-Ifrit system should go at the entrance of the bottle, so any Ifrit will be sprayed with water (it hurts because they're made of fire).
That's how you make the Perfect Lamp.

On 11/22: Simply marvelous, as Nimrod would say!! My word. Good job old boy!-- Mrs. Dweck

Session 3: Chapters 11 - 14 (Stop before page 186)
Due: November 30, 2009

Here are my connections: I met a lady in our church who walked out into a driveway when she was in Asia and got (was) bitten by a snake, just like Bakeesh. It was poisonous like the one in the story too. She had to be rushed to the hospital. That was unlike what happened to Bakeesh because he was laying down in the attic. I wonder if the Asian hospital was older and like an attic.

In a TV show I saw, there was a contest and three judges. A super hero, a mayor, and the main character (who wishes to be a judge). All of them are VERY good. The only thing is, the "bad guy" has a plot to win the contest, be mayor for a day (you do NOT want the bad guy as mayor), and win money. The bad guy blackmails the mayor, bribes the super hero, and sabatouges the other contestant's acts. In the same way, Hussein was blackmailed by the Ifrit for an unknown search for something.

Session 4: Chapters 15 - 18 (Stop before page 254)
Due: December 7, 2009

Conley's Concealer
Here are my three things I'd choose to hide from the characters:
1. I'd not let them know that the seal on the tomb Nimrod is stuck in is as dangerous to djinn as it is to humans. Then, the kids would have had Creemy or Mr. Groanin try to open it and one of them could have gotten wounded or killed. That would maybe cause Nimrod to be stuck in the tomb forever (or until the twins find a way to get him out). Also, I'm pretty sure Mr. Groanin or Creemy will play an important part in the story's ending. They are both around Nimrod, so if anything happened, then they'd be caught in the crossfire. That would give them a chance to do something heroic.

2. I'd conceal the Range Rover part from Philippa. That would cause her not to think of the Range Rover while the twins are making a Ferrari, causing the Ferrari to not be able to drive through the desert (because of its wheels). That would make the twins, Mr. Groanin and Creemy have to walk even further, out in the middle of the desert. Then, they could have encountered more scorpions. Maybe they would have met another djinn, since djinn love the desert. Would it be helpful or evil though? What would they do if the ferrari wheels broke down? Would they have wished up another car, except this time better on rough terrain? I mean, like a stretch ATV.

3. I'd conceal the idea of Mr. Groanin's using his third wish to find out where Nimrod is. Then even if the twins knew how to get him out, they wouldn't be able to find him. That would cause Nimrod to be in his tomb longer, hence not being able to help the twins with the trap. By the way, does anyone know how Nimrod was able to stay alive (there was no air) while he was buried alive?

You have a great start; however, your entry is incomplete. You need two well developed paragraphs with, at least, 8 sentences. Please, add to this entry. I had written this to you at the beginning of your entry. -- Mrs. Dweck

On 12/7: Getting closer. Check the journal guidelines for minimum length.

Session 5: Chapters 19 - 23 (Stop before page 322)
Due: December 14, 2009

Rough Rottweiler
Akhenaten, dude, you need to quit thinking you're the most powerful person ever. I bet you couldn't have survived if those djinn weren't under your control. I mean come on, you get a monkey to do a man's work. What, are you too afraid to stand up to two children? You, my friend, have some serious anger issues. Threatening to kill two kids for a name was not smart at all. I don't think you could have even figured out the puzzle on your scepter. Why are you mad about your mummy not being remembered two thousand years from when you lived? Another two thousand years and no one will remember me. It's completely normal, so don't expect it.

I know exactly how you should pay for the atrocities you've committed. First off, you need to go back to Egypt when you lived, and do all that over again. Plus, this time, you won't have any djinn protectors. Your people are angry at you and you need to experience life where you don't get everything you want. You'll be helpless. You also- wait a second. "Order! Order in the court!" Okay now. As I was saying, you should also have to spend 100 years in a pot. That way you can feel what it was like for "your" djinn when they were trapped inside your scepter. What's that? You think I'm mad? You say you're a human and you can't breathe? Well I'll have a djinn give you all the things you need to survive, like an oxygen tank. That is, until you come out. Anything to add Mr. Anger Issues?

Conley, you have some great energy in your writing. Please, reread so you can catch some of your own mistakes (spelling and incomplete sentences, ect.) Are you typing in MS Word first and then copying and pasting into the wiki? This will help. – Mrs. Dweck on 12/10

On 12/13 Hi, Conley. Thanks so much for addressing the mistakes from earlier. There are just a few more that I noted. Address these mistakes and you will be as happy as a djinn in a bottle factory. : ) I know, that's not a great analogy. Would a djinn actually be happy in a bottle factory? Hmmmmm.....? -- Mrs. Dweck

On 12/13 Good job, Conley. You really are a rough rottweiler.: )-- Mrs. Dweck

Session 6 Chapters 24 - 26 (Stop at The End!)
Due: December 21, 2009

I wonder what would have happened if Akenhaten's ghost did get out of the bottle? Would the story have an ironic and tragic ending? Would the story rage on? What would happen if Akenhaten's ghost wasn't frozen and Nimrod was? I think John and Philippa would have had to flee the bottle immediately. What do you think it was like for Nimrod in the bottle? He was constantly fighting Akenhaten, so how could he have slept? Nimrod could have been driven mad! I wonder what the seventy djinn John and Philippa freed are going to do when they get to Egypt? What if Akenhaten got freed from his lamp? He would wreak havoc and maybe enslave the seventy djinn again. Wait, Akenhaten is mundane? How could he have survived in the lamp? Maybe because he's a ghost and he's already dead, he can't die again. What would seal soup taste like? When I think about it, I shudder. What about Russian ice cream? What will happen to Akenhaten’s ghost? Can it get out? I wonder what would happen to Akenhaten if John and Philippa smashed the bottle he was in? What do you think will happen to Iblis? Will he get his revenge?

This is an incomplete entry. You have some really interesting ideas, but you need two well developed detailed paragraphs with, at least, 8 sentences in each paragraph. I am doubtful that you are typing your entry on MS Word, as I have suggested, because I found a few spelling errors that you could have noted yourself using spell-check – Mrs. Dweck

Hi Conley, you have some terrific ideas and some that seem thrown in to meet the journal sentence minimum. Please format your entry into two paragraphs. -- Mrs. Dweck on 12/20