Session 1: Prologue - Chapter 5 (Stop before page 65)
Due: November 19, 2009


I wonder if the crazy things that are happening to John and Philippa are tied into the earthquake that happened in Egypt. I wonder that because an earthquake in Egypt doesn't happen very often and the things that were happening to the twins were very strange, too. One thing that is especially strange is that the crack down the middle of John’s mirror and the top of his bed was exactly identical to the one that happened at the museum in Egypt after the earthquake. I also wonder about
that because after the strange things that happened to the twins and Baksheesh good things started to happen. For example, John and Philippa were very happy to get their parents permission to go to London to see their Uncle Nimrod, and Baksheesh was very interested to hear that they were the luckiest men on Earth because they found a slate that could lead to treasure. Although, I think that the crazy things that are happening to the twins might be tied into the earthquake that happened in Egypt because if it wasn’t they probably wouldn’t even had mentioned it in the story, but I still wonder if it is.

I also wonder if they should even go to London. I wonder that because they only saw their Uncle Nimrod in a dream and it could lead them into some sort of trap. Also, since a lot of strange and crazy things have been going on lately I wonder if something strange will happen
in London. Mrs. Gaunt hasn’t talked to him lately, either. So I am not sure if they should go to London but if they want to go that badly it should hopefully be safe. Another thing that I wonder is if later on in the story if Dr. Moody will turn out to be bad because he didn’t really seem to like John. Also, he didn’t really seem to like children at all, or at least talking to them. If he were already bad, I wonder if he gave John and Philippa the wrong sleeping medicine- on purpose. That could have been why all of the strange things were happening to them. Finally, I wonder how their Rottweilers became as smart as they are. I wonder if they were trained to do that or they were just naturally intelligent. But I think the whole family encourages the dogs to do the amazing stuff they do. I mostly think that they were trained but I’m not 100% sure.

Splendid work, as Nimrod would say. Bravo!!!. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 2: Chapters 6 - 10 (Stop before page 129)
Due: November 26, 2009
Gold Digger:
G: An idea that I thought was GREAT was when Nimrod suggested going to Egypt. I think that was a great idea because Mr. Rakshasas said that Egypt would be a great place for young djinns to learn. I also think that it was a great idea because they have learned how evil the Ifrit are. For example, when they chased the twins, Creemy, and Nimrod in the carriage. Another exampl would be when they put the Egyptian Cobra on John's
bag. I think that how it affects this weeks reading assignment is that the Ifrits will try to kill or do something bad to the twins or Nimrod.
O: An OPEN an honest statement from a character was when Nimrod said, “If you had picked that up that bag you would have surely been bitten and killed.” (page #119) I think it is an open and honest statement because the Egyptian Cobra is very poisonous and really could have killed John if he picked up the bag.
L: A lousy sentence that needs better words was when Nimrod said, “Very probably it was them who tried to follow us from the airport and who put the snake on the handle of John’s bag.” I think it is a poorly written sentence because I don’t think it sounds like very good wording when he said
very probably. I think that it should have been, “Most likely, it was them who tried to follow us from the airport and who put the snake on the handle of John's bag.” It might have been written that way because it is the way that Nimrod speaks, but I’m not quite sure.
D: A word that I did not know was the word deliberately (page #120). It means to consider carefully and at length.

Question: Do you think that the twins will defeat the Ifrits? If so how do you think they will?

Truly well done. As Mr. R. would say, "The student that corrects his own mistakes, has a wise one for his teacher." Make the suggested corrections I noted above. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 3: Chapters 11 - 14 (Stop before page 186)
Due: December 3, 2009

The Wisdom Truth- Sayer:

If I could give advice to any character in the book, first I would give some advice to Nimrod. That advice would be not to meet Hussein at the shop where he works. I would tell him that, because I agree with Philippa that it might be a trap. It might be a trap, because Iblis could somehow be controlling Hussein or he could have talked him into it. I would also tell him not to go,
because from what happened to Baksheesh, I think that the shop is dangerous. I also think that Iblis put the creature that hurt Baksheesh there. So if Iblis is controlling Hussein or has something to do with him, it might be a trap if Nimrod goes. It would not be a good idea if Nimrod gets into a trap because John and Philippa would no longer have a good teacher. That is the advice I would give Nimrod.

If I could give advice to another character I would give advice to Philippa. That advice would be to trust John more and to not be so afraid of things. I would tell her that because, first, she is djinn and she could make anything disappear if she wanted it to. She could also make something appear to save her. Also, she should trust John more because John got Philippa to go into the room. If John never got Philippa to go into the room, she never would have seen that Baksheesh was hurt. She should also trust John more because they both think alike. So, if John thinks something is good or safe she would probably think so, too and wouldn’t be so afraid. That is the advice that I would give Philippa.

Extremely good advice. Thank you, oh mighty Wisdom-Truth-Sayer-of the Lamp! -- Mrs. Dweck

Question: What do you think will happen when Nimrod shows up at Hussein's shop? Do you think good things will happen, or bad?

Session 4: Chapters 15 - 18 (Stop before page 254)
Due: December 9, 2009

The Rough Rottweiler:

One character that I would like to verbally attack would be Iblis, the head of the Ifrit. I would like to fight with him because, first, he was black- mailing Hussein to get him to kill Nimrod. And he killed their dog just to show Baksheesh what he would do to him if Hussein didn’t follow his directions. I would also like to fight him because when he was black- mailing Hussein it put Hussein under a lot of pressure because he didn’t want to put Nimrod into the tomb, but Iblis would have killed Baksheesh if he didn’t. So, Iblis was being very evil to Hussein and Baksheesh and that is one of the reasons why I would like to verbally attack him. Also, he should “pay” by staying in the tomb that Nimrod was in for forty years. Another reason why I would like to attack Iblis is because he put John and Philippa in very great danger. He put the twins in danger when he hid the scorpion in the door going down to the tomb. And when they lit the carpet covered in gasoline to kill it, it was still alive for a couple minutes. Then, during those few minutes the scorpion jumped out onto John then Philippa, but could have killed both of them. He should “pay” by letting scorpions crawl all over him.

One last reason why I would want to fight with Iblis is because he got the Egyptian striped cobra to kill Hussein. And he could have killed Baksheesh, too, but Hussein hid him in time. This act was evil because now, Nimrod has to kill Iblis, himself. But, Hussein probably could have given him advice on how to kill him, since he was speaking to Iblis all the time. But Iblis went and killed Hussein. Also, Baksheesh only has his Aunt and Uncle to stay with. But Hussein and Baksheesh both loved each other. He should “pay” by being forced to grant everyone in the whole world three wishes so then he will have no life left in him

My Question: Do you think that Nimrod's plan to kill Iblis will work? Why, or why not?

Extraordinary my young mundane. -- Mrs. Dweck : )

Session 5: Chapters 19 - 23 (Stop before page 322)
Due: December 17, 2009

Style Artist:

A character that I would CUT completely from the book would be Akhenaten. I would like to CUT him completely from the book because right now he is trapped in the jar with Nimrod and he could do something very bad to him while they are in there since Nimrod is very weak at the moment. Also, since Philippa and John are trying to get Nimrod out of the jar without Akenaten getting in the way or making more trouble, if Akenaten was CUT from the book it would make the twin’s job much easier. Then they wouldn’t have to worry as much about Nimrod, too since he would be in the jar alone. That is who I would CUT completely from the book. The character that would probably be the most likely to DIE would be Iblis. He will most likely die because depending on how long Nimrod keeps him in the freezer he could die from being so cold. Also, Iblis might try to make the jar so comfy that he uses up all of his djinn power. That is the character that would most likely DIE.

The character that will always have a PERManent place in my heart would be Nimrod. He will always have a permanent place in my heart because he sacrificed his life for John and Philippa. He did that when Akhenaten’s ghost came out. Also, even though he didn’t inform Philippa and John about his real plan to capture Iblis he still stayed in the computer and made sure that they would be safe. He also has been a very great “djinn teacher” for Philippa and John. I know that because after they got out of the container Nimrod told them how to make the tome go more quickly. He is also a very good “djinn teacher” because he is a very good and experienced djinn. That is why Nimrod will always have a PERManent place in my heart.

Excellent! Sorry I was not around sooner when you "messaged" me. I was out for dinner. It looks like you worked out your wiki-worries without my help. -- Mrs. Dweck on 12/15

Question: Do you think that John's plan will work to rescue Nimrod? Why,or why not?
Session 6 Chapters 24 - 26 (Stop at The End!)
Due: December 24, 2009

The Passage Picker:

The passage that I picked starts on page 343, starting with the word ‘Seconds’ and ends with the word ‘loudly’. I picked this passage because I thought that it was very suspenseful and exciting. I thought it was suspenseful and exciting because the polar bear was about to eat John, Philippa, and Nimrod when they just landed in the snow. At first I was very surprised because a couple moments after they got back from the canopic jar, the polar bear came running straight toward them looking very hungry. I also found this passage very suspenseful because Nimrod couldn’t help fight off the polar bear because he was still nearly frozen. If Nimrod wasn’t nearly frozen, I’m sure that he would have told the twins what to do, or would have fixed the problem himself. The passage was also very exciting because I had no clue what would really happen next. So, I thought of ideas that could possibly happen. For example, I thought that, maybe, someone would- without thinking- try to fight off the polar bear. Or that one of the twins would make themselves stronger to fight him (and win), so they could have more excitement in distracting the polar bear. I also found it exciting because I thought that Akhenaten’s ghost (or spirit) would slip out of the canopic jar while the baboon- shaped top was off. This passage is very unpredictable, that could have ended many different ways. That is why I think that this passage is very suspenseful and exciting.

The reason I highlighted the above portion of your entry in blue, is because I wanted to commend you on extending your thinking to the possibilities of what “could possibly happen.” This is what analystical readers do. Good work. -- Mrs. Dweck

Some thoughts that I have about the passage would be that, first, it definitely made me keep reading because I thought that the polar bear would eat them if the twins started running away. And I thought that something else very bad would possibly happen to the twins if they didn’t think of something quick. Also, when Mr. Rakshasas was inside his igloo that he made, and he knew what was really going on, he probably could have helped do something. Mr. Groanin’ could have also gotten help from Volodya, since she has probably had a lot of experience with dangerous polar bears. I was also scared that maybe Volodya and the helicopter pilot would hear all of the commotion and find out that John and Philippa were djinn. Also, if they went to where the twins were they probably would have been suspicious about Nimrod because he was not with the twins when they went into the open land spot. I was also very scared because if Akhenaten got his power back sooner he could have done a lot of trouble to the twins, Nimrod, Mr. Groanin’, and Mr. Rakshasas. But, luckily he was still defrosting so he couldn’t use his power until he was warm again. Those are some thoughts that I have about the passage that I picked.

Excellent entry. You have gone into great detail. Thank you. – Mrs, Dweck

Question: What do you think will happen to Iblis and Akhenaten's ghost? Why?