Session 1: Prologue - Chapter 5 (Stop before page 65)
Due: November 19, 2009

external image t.gifexternal image e.gifexternal image e.gifexternal image t.gifexternal image h.gifTeeth, I chose teeth because John and Philippa grew wisdom teeth at the youngest age(we think ever).This is important because it means that they are probably not normal kids. They may even be djinn(genies).
external image c.gifexternal image a.gifexternal image m.gifexternal image p.gifCamp, I chose camp because of the summer camp Mrs.Gaunt wanted the kids to go to. Then the kids realized that the camp was more of a school then a camp. Now they want to go to London.
external image l.gifexternal image o.gifexternal image n.gifexternal image d.gifexternal image o.gifexternal image n.gifLondon, I chose London because that is where John and Philippa are going away to. They are going there to meet with their
uncle Nimrod who was in the vision that they had.
external image d.gifexternal image r.gifexternal image e.gifexternal image a.gifexternal image m.gifDream, I chose dream because when the twins were getting their teeth pulled they had the same dream about Nimrod, their uncle. He said to meet them in London after they asked their parents.
external image r.gifexternal image i.gifexternal image c.gifexternal image h.gifRich, I chose rich because of how rich Mrs.Trump is now because she won the lottery. Mr. and Mrs. Gaunt are very rich. I know this because Mr.Gaunt tried to give each of the kids a hundred dollar bill.

Do you think that the summer camp in Massachusetts is really for djinn?

Session 2: Chapters 6 - 10 (Stop before page 129)

I chose the wonderer for this weeks reading.

I wonder who was chasing Nimrod and the twins when they were in the Rolls Royce. This would be good to know because then I would know who they have to look out for. I wonder if Groanin and Nimrod would have met if Groanin did not steal that lamp. Then Nimrod might not have ever gotten out. I wonder what Groanin’s third wish will be. Maybe he will wish for his other arm like I would.

What if they find Baksheesh and Hussein Hussaout? If they do,
maybe they could help explain the problem, whatever it is. What if John and Philippa get to grant three wishes? Then they may be able to trick people with their powers. What if one of the twins get injured? If this happens they might have to go back to New York to get healed. Then they can’t stop the villains, whoever they are. As you can see this story has a lot to wonder about.

Do you think that the Ifrit tribe made the bad luck on the tuchometer?

Mrs. Dweck writes: Good wonderings. I wonder how many others wondered about them too. ; )

11/16: Hi, Brad. Read over the new journal guidelines. You need 2 well developed paragraphs.
Due: November 26, 2009

Session 3: Chapters 11 - 14 (Stop before page 186)
Due: December 3, 2009
I chose the Journalist for this week. This is from John’s journal.
July 1st, 2004
Today we went to Huamai’s perfume shop. I thought Nimrod was crazy when he said that I would need perfume! I knew perfume was for girls, but when I turned back into my human image from a camel,
I STUNK! I guess djinn use things humans don’t. When we were camels we saw where we were going to camp the next day. When we were camels, sis started jogging so that the lady on her back would fall off. Apparently it was so that the lady would not mess with her any more. That was my day.

July 2nd, 2004
Today we camped out in the desert. It was weird because there was no wick in the lamp Nimrod gave us. After a while Phillippa tried cleaning the lamp, and guess who popped out?
It was Mr. Rakshasas. We were so surprised that he was in there. He told us all about how djinn came to be. He told us about how there were only three kinds of creatures that could tell the difference between good and evil. They were humans, djinn, and angels. He also told us about Iblis , the wickedest djinn of the Ifrit tribe. Today was cool too. Oops I did not mean to say cool.

If the Ifrit are a lazy tribe do you think that the Marid can win the “cold war”?

(I just picked a random date.)

Very good entry. Just be sure to reread and proofread for errors. This is something I have to do with my own writing. I'm sure that even Mr. Kerr has to write and rewrite. It's part of the writing craft. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 4: Chapters 15 - 18 (Stop before page 254)
Due: December 9, 2009

I chose the role Gung-ho Djinn for this week.

If I could assume the form of anything that I wanted to I would turn into a dog. I would turn into a dog so that I could help John, Phillippa, Groanin, and Creemy find Nimrod by sniffing for his scent. Then, they would not have to turn that bulldozer into a remote control bulldozer. They would not even have to find the bulldozer. I could find Nimrod and Groanin would not have to use his last wish. Then he would not be very tense. Lastly they would dig Nimrod up and do the same thing that they did to get rid of the scorpion. Then they would be really happy.

If I was a dog I could also dig up Nimrod from the ground. This would obviously be after I sniffed him out. Then nobody except me would even have to move a finger. That is, until I get to the scorpion. After that I am definitely backing off from that thing. After they get the scorpion off Nimrod, he would be so surprised that a dog was there even though it would really be me. He would love me, I just know it. I could have done some awesome things if I was a dog and I was there.

Interesting ideas. Thank you. -- Mrs. Dweck

How long do you think John and Phillippa will live knowing that you don't age as much while in a lamp? (I don't understand your question. They already know this. Can you clarify the question?)
As the children know they age slower while in a lamp. Knowing this do you think that they will spend a lot or a little time in a lamp?
Session 5: Chapters 19 - 23 (Stop before page 322)
Due: December 17, 2009

For this week I chose the Ingenious Genie.
For my first wish I would make it so that Akhenaten did not make that baboon bite Nimrod. I don't see what Nimrod did to Akhenaten. He didn't even know him. Besides the fact that it was really rude and not needed. However the twins did solve the problem. They solved it by letting the seventy djinn out of the scepter. Then they had the seventy djinn imprison Akhenaten in a bottle. Nimrod somehow got stuck in there too though. They solved the problem, however, they had a little (BIG) fault.

My second wish would get Nimrod out of the bottle with Akhenaten in it. I would do this because if they are in there together long enough Akhenaten may injure or kill him. If that happens the twins will have no uncle. They may even have to go back to their parents in New York. My third wish would be that everything turns out okay. I would not like it if something happened to anybody including Groanin. If someone got hurt it would ruin the story completely. Hopefully all these wishes come true and the story has a happy ending.

If Nimrod dies in the bottle with Akhenaten do you think that the twins will survive?

Brad, you need to make corrections to this and your previous journal entry before our next session. -- Mrs. Dweck

Session 6 Chapters 24 - 26 (Stop at The End!)
Due: December 24, 2009

For my final literature writing for Children of the Lamp I chose the Gold Digger.
G- A great idea in this reading was going to the North Pole. This was a great idea because then when Akhenaten would try to escape his blood would slow down making it much harder for him to do anything harmful. Another great idea was wearing space suits when the twins went into the bottle. This was a good idea because it kept the twins warm while they were in the bottle. This was important because if the twins got cold they could not transubstantiate out of the bottle.
O- An open and honest statement was "A bear" said by John. It is on page 340. He said this right after the twins transubstantiated into the bottle. He said this because he saw a polar bear running towards them.
L- A lousy sentence is ''I so wish I were talented''. This was said by Frederick Finger. This is a lousy sentence because the word, so is not needed. I think that it should be, I really wish I were talented, or, I wish I was talented. Both of these would sound fine.

D- A word that I do not know that I looked up in the dictionary is canopic jar. This is a noun. It is a jar used in ancient Egypt to contain the entrails of an embalmed body. This is what Nimrod and Akhenaten were in. It was on page 341.

In the next book do you think that John and Phillippa teach other djinn how to use their powers?

Very good, Brad. Please, see my wiki message to you for your final journal grade. -- Mrs. Dweck