Session 1:
We meet Hussein Hussaout: A handsome white-haired man with a darker mustache and a gap between his two front teeth.

his son, Baksheesh, and their dog, Effendi

genie.jpgArabic --

is a term used to describe tipping, charitable giving, and certain forms of political corruption and bribery in the Middle East and South Asia.
Effendi: His highness, it is a nobility title meaning a lord or master It is a title of respect or courtesy which ...

Chapters 1-5 lamp.jpg
John Gaunt -- "John, who was older by ten minutes, was tall and thin with straight brown hair and liked to wear black." (p. 6)
Phillipa Gaunt -- "Philippa was smaller with wavy red hair and horn-rimmed glasses that made her look like the more intelligent of the two; she liked to wear pink." (p. 6)
Edward Gaunt -- Father of the twins, "...barely five feet tall in his Berluti shoes, with longish gray hair and tinted spectacles..." "...the shy and retiring type...quite content to let his wife...occupy the limelight." (p. 7)
Layla Gaunt -- Mother of the twins, "...dark-haired with the magnificent physique of an athlete, stood more than six feet tall in her bare feet..." (p. 7)
Uncle Nimrod -- Mrs. Gaunt's brother. Tall and dark, he wears a red suit, red shirt, red tie with gold stars, and gold rings. He smokes an enormous cigar and has a deep voice. He sounds as if he could play the part of a tyrant in Shakespeare.
Dr Larr -- The Family Dentist
Mrs. Trump -- The housekeeper
Dr. Moody -- The Dental Surgeon

bluegin.jpgSession 2
Chapters 6-10
Otis and Melody Barstool:
The sweet elderly couple in their seventies from the small city of Poughkeepsie, New York that John and Philippa meet on the airplane to London. They disappear from the British Airways Boeing 747 while it is still in the sky.
Mr. Groanin -- Nimrod's one-armed butler. Groanin freed Nimrod from confinement and won three wishes. After wasting his first two wishes he became Nimrod's butler so he could properly consider how to use his third wish, and to make sure Nimrod doesn't trick him. He is a "tall portly, corpselike man, with a gray suit, and a peaked cap on his bald head." p. 76
Mr. Rakshasas -- Nimrod's djinn friend from India. Mr. R learned his English from watching Irish television and speaks with an Irish accent. Mr. Rakshasas feels more at home in his lamp than outside of it, following a long period of forced confinement. He is afraid of large and open spaces. He is considered a leading djinn expert on The Baghdad Rules. P. 93, "...a white beard, wearing a white turban and a white frock coat." On page 96, "He wore a long white jacket buttoned up the neck, white trousers, white slippers and a white turban with a small white teardrop pearl that hung just above his forehead." He also has a long white beard and mustache and dark sad brown eyes.
Dr. Griggs (spoken about) The Dr. at Alembic house, a "summer camp," in Salem, Mass.
Creemy: Nimrod's enormously tall Egyptian servant. He wears a red fez on his head. His real name is Karim, but Nimrod likes to call him "Creemy," because, "...He never stops smiling. Just like a cat that's had the cream." p. 124 He seems to like children. And enjoys crunching mints with his "extra-white teeth."

jewelamp.jpgSession 3
Chapters 11-14
Iblis Teer: Leader of the evil Djinn tribe, the Ifrit
Mrs. Coeur de Lapin: A French woman who is friends with Nimrod. P 129-- "A tall very elegant looking woman with flawless skin and the profile of an empress, which is to say that her long, thin nose was so often in the air that she seemed almost to look down on people as she spoke." P 130--"...wore a long, thin purple dress, a green scarf around her swanlike neck, and around a haystack of blond hair a black-and-greenish-gold headband that gave her a distinctly Bohemian air, as if she might be a fortune teller or a palm reader instead of the Ambassador's wife." In French "coer" means coercion and "lapin" means rabbit.

Huamai (Pronounced Womeye) He is a great Perfumer and friend of Nimrod.
Toeragh: Huamai's son and works for Huamai leasing camels to tourists.

Session 5
Chapters 19-23

The lead djinn of the Ifrit. On page 266, "the snake was growing arms and legs, and apparently becoming a man with a hooked nose, a smallish fair beard, and an unpleasant expression on his thin face. A second or two later, the reptile had been quite absorbed by a handsome, arrogant-looking Englishman smelling strongly of snobbery and snake." On page 267, "Iblis wore a Savile Row pin-striped suit, a pair of hand-made snakeskin shoes, and carried an ornately carved walking stick with a silver knob on top. He loosened his old Etonian school tie, undid the collar button on his Turnbull & Asser shirt..."
Saville Row Pinstripe Suit

Eton College Shield
The Prince of Wales Shirtmakers

I think that Iblis has very fine and expensive taste in clothing!