Literary Roles:

Below are some different ways that you can respond to literature. Each time you read for homework, pick one way to respond ( a different way each time). Be detailed and creative in your answers. You will be graded on the following:

  1. You followed the directions under the literary role.
  2. You wrote at least 2 well developed paragraphs (At least, 8 sentences long--this is a minimum, not a maximum.)
  3. relating to the current reading assignment.
  4. Your sentences were detailed and contained original thoughts and ideas. NO FLUFF! Unless you are writing about something fluffy. : )
  5. Your literary role related specifically to the chapters you read for homework.
  7. You were an active participant in your group discussion, and responded frequently to others’ ideas.

*Conley's Concealer*
If you could wish to conceal 3 bits of information (as in 3 wishes) from this week's reading assignment, what would they be? Identify 3 important bits of information and who you would like to conceal this information from. Then explain how each bit of concealed information might affect or change the story. Be sure to follow the journal guidelines and include two well developed paragraphs.

*Jason's Fabulous-Focus Word- Former*
Think of 3 unusual and important words that you read in the current reading assignment. Look up the definition of each of the 3 words in the dictionary. Post the definitions along with the page numbers where they appeared in the story. Then explain how each word affected the story line in this week's reading assignment. Now take the three words and mash them together (in any order) to create a brand new focus word. Explain why you chose it as your very own focus word. Remember to include 2 well developed paragraphs in your entry.

*Julia's Tuchemeter*
In the book, Uncle Nimrod has an exact replica of the Tuchemeter in Berlin. If you choose the role of the Tuchemeter, you will identify the good, bad, and "homeostasis", or medium, luck in the events of chapters you read for homework. Be sure to include why you think these certain events are good, bad, or homeostasis luck.

Connector – Find something that you or someone you know has in common with the book, or find something that another book, movie, or video game has in common with the book. Make sure it is specific and not too general. For example, it would be too general to say that the main character in the book is a boy and so are you. If the character in the book got a puppy and was so happy that he cried, and this happened to you, this would be specific. You could then go into details about how it felt.

The Blogger – As the blogger, your role is to write to an imaginary audience about what you liked and didn't like about this week's reading assignment. What would you change and how?

Ingenious Genie: If you had three wishes, what three things do you wish would happen in this story. Your three wishes should relate to the week's reading assignment and follow journal guidelines stated above.

Passage Picker – Find one or two paragraphs (no more than one page) in your reading that you feel are moving in some way. The passage may be important, funny, an excellent example of writing, suspenseful, deeper thinking, etc. Write down the page number of your passage and the starting and ending words. You do NOT have to write down the entire passage! Then write down why you picked the passage, and some thoughts you have about the passage.

Camel Caravan: A caravan is a company of travelers journeying together, as across a desert or through hostile territory. If you could choose a band of travelers from other stories to enter the Children of the Lamp, who would they be? Name the characters and the books they are from. Name the characteristics which would help them survive in this story. Then explain how they would react to the different events in this week's reading assignment.

Character Critique – Pick a character who you feel needs an attitude adjustment! Explain what you think needs to change in the character’s attitude, and exactly what you think he or she should do to change it. What specifically did your character do in the chapters you read for homework to show they need an attitude adjustment? If you could punish him or her for their bad behavior, what would be a good consequence for the behavior?

Gung-ho Djinn -- In Muslim legend, a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over people. If you could assume another form and enter this week's reading assignment, who/what would you be? How would you change the events in this week's reading assignment.

Character Complimentor – Pick a character who has outstanding character traits, and explain why that character deserves to be recognized for his or her good attitude. Give a specific example from the chapters you read for homework that shows that this character had a great attitude. If you could give this character an award for his or her great attitude, what would you give them? Why?

Hieroglyphic Handler : Visit the Hieroglyph Translator. Choose 5 symbols that you believe relate to this week's assignment. For example:
The Foot (Letter A): The foot reminds of the way the twins needed to walk through the desert in order to find their way home. If I were the one of the twins, I would have... Click hereto visit the Hieroglyph Translator. Your entry should include 2 well written paragraphs describing your heiroglyphs. If it does not, it is incomplete.
DO NOT CHOOSE THIS ROLE IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE UPLOADING THE HIEROGLYPHIC IMAGES!!! You cannot copy and paste the symbols. Each hieroglyph must be saved as an individual file on your pc and then uploaded on the wiki page using the "insert image" icon on the wiki tool bar. It is right near the TV icon and looks like a picture.

Wisdom Truth Sayer: Imagine that the characters in the story come to you for your "wisdom." What advice would you offer each character and why?

Rough Rottweiler: Now is your chance to fight back. Choose a character in the story who you would like to verbally attack. List, at least 3 things that they have done in the week's reading assignment that are evil and deserve punishment. Note why their acts are evil and how they should "pay" for their crime. Make sure that what you list pertains to the week's reading assignment.

Author Praiser – Pretend you are writing to the author. Tell him or her exactly what you like about his or her writing. Give 4-5 examples from the chapters you read for homework that shows what a good writer he or she is.

Book Jumper – Pick a character from the book. Pretend that you can “jump” into his or her brain and make decisions for him or her! In the chapters you read for homework, what decisions would you have made the same as your character? What decisions would you have made differently? Why?

Plot Twister – Is there something you’d like to change about the plot of the book? If so, this is the role for you! What exactly would you change in the chapters you read for homework so that they went the way you would have preferred? Why?

Historian – As the historian, you will find information in the chapters you read for homework that reflects history. If it is appropriate, perhaps you can even look up a few more bits of information on the history topics, towns, locations, people, et cetera that you discovered in the chapters. Explain why this historical information is important to this week's reading assignment. Please include the web address of any websites you used. Rephrase in your own words.

Wonderer – Do you find yourself wondering things as you read, and asking yourself, “What if?” If so, create a list of at least 4 questions and statements starting with “What if” or “I wonder.” Explain what you THINK they mean. You should have, at least, 2 well detailed paragraphs.

Gold Digger – As the gold digger, you will be looking for GOLD in the chapters you read for homework. In other words, find the following and write them down:
O – An OPEN and honest statement from a character. (Note the page number and explain why you believe it is an
open and honest statement.
L – A LOUSY sentence that needs better words. Fix the sentence so it sounds better. EXPLAIN WHY YOU THINK THE SENTENCE IS POORLY WRITTEN. WAS IT WRITTEN THAT WAY FOR A REASON??
D – A word you don’t know that you’ll look up in the DICTIONARY. Note the page number and the definition
Your entry should be the equivalent of two well written paragraphs. If you have not included detailed analysis of each letter, your entry is incomplete.

Style Artist – The style artist does just what a hair stylist does – you CUT, DYE, and PERM. Pick a character who you’d CUT from the book. Why would you cut him or her? Pick a character who would be the most likely to DIE. Why do you think so? Which character will have a PERManent place in your heart? Why? Explain your reasoning for each. Be detailed and specific. Your entry should be the detailed equivalent of two well written paragraphs. If it not, it is incomplete.

Predictor – As the predictor, make a few predictions about what you think will happen in future chapters of the book. Explain why you made your predictions. Make sure that your predictions are based on what you read for homework.

Friendster – Pretend a character in the book meets a character in your favorite TV show, movie, video game, or book. You may choose good and/or bad characters. How do you think they would get along? What advice might they give each other? Make sure you entry includes references to this week's reading assignment.

Psychologist – The psychologist’s job is to give advice to a character in the book who could use some. Which character do you think needs some advice? What would you advise him or her to do? Why? Your entry should include references to this week's reading assignment. The advice should be based on this week's reading assignment.

Poet – Write a poem (at least 18 detailed lines) relating to the chapters you read for homework. Your poem can be a summary, a collection of your ideas, or both! You don’t have to rhyme, but feel free to try! Your poem should be well written and detailed.

Journalist – Pick a character from the book, and write a passage from his or her journal. Be sure to include things that happened in the chapters you read for homework. More importantly, include the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of the character.

Custodian – The custodian’s job is to do some cleaning and repairing. First, clean out the parts of the chapters you read for homework that you feel were not necessary for the author to include. After cleaning, repair the chapters you read for homework by explaining how you feel the plot really should have been written.

Recipe Maker – As the recipe maker, your job is to create the perfect recipe for a character. I’m not talking about food, though! Instead, write a creative recipe for a character’s success or failure in the book, depending on if it is a character you like! For example, in Airman, if you’re writing a recipe for a proper battle, you could include 2 dashes of gatling guns and 10 cups of chain mail. Please include at least 7 ingredients, and below your recipe, give directions on how you would like your character to follow the recipe. Be creative! Be sure that your recipe relates to this week's reading assignment.

“Figure” Skater - Your job is to write one simile, one metaphor, one personification, one alliteration, and one sentence of your choice about some of the things that happened in the chapters for homework. Be creative! Remember-- no cliches. In other words, the figurative language should be your own and they should related to this week's reading assignment.

Choice – Decide how you’d like to respond to the chapters you read for homework. If you’re not satisfied with any of these ideas, create your own idea. Please make sure to let your teacher know your idea beforehand, so that she can add it to her list of ideas! You must check with Mrs. Dweck before creating your own type of entry.