About the Author, P. B. Kerr (from the book)

P. B. Kerr was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, and when he was fifteen years old, his family moved to England. Mr. Kerr, who also writes under writes under the name Philip Kerr, realized that he wanted to be a writer almost as soon as he could read. Her wrote his first story, "The Vanishing Airplane," at age ten. Mr. Kerr has said of his childhood in Scotland, "There was no color television or children's television, no computers, no PlayStation. So our entertainment tended to be homemade. It was easy for me to become keen on books, since there was really nothing else to do. I feel sorry for my own children having so much else to compete for their attention."

Mr. Kerr studied law at the University of Birmingham; however, after graduating, he realized that law wasn't for him, and so he pursued a career in advertising, before finally becoming a journalist and novelist. He has now written over a hundred thrillers for adults, including the acclaimed Berlin Noir trilogy. The Akhenaten Adventure is his first children's book.

Despite always wanting to write for children, Mr. Kerr regarded the process as much more challenging than writing for adults. He was finally spurred to write the Children of the Lamp books when his eldest son, William, shunned reading in favor of video games and television. In order to entice William away from the video games, Mr. Kerr decided to write a story specifically for his children.

In his spare time, Philip Kerr enjoys reading Graham Swift, listening to Led Zeppelin, eating violet creams, and watching Arsenal football. He lives in Wimbledon, London with his wife and three children.

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